Reading the Contract

Open the CryptoPunksMarket.sol code for the CryptoPunksMarket to follow along!

I can recommend these two dedicated code-reader apps you can use right in your browser:

Alternatively you can download the code to your computer and open it in a text editor.

Let's dive in!

Section Overview

1. Actors & ActionsLet's get an overview of the different entities our contract deals with.2. Punk OwnershipHow does the contract track punk ownership?3. Transferring a PunkHow does transferring punks work?4. Buying a PunkBuying a punk via the buyPunk() function.5. Offering a Punk for SaleOwners can offer punks for sale via the offerPunkForSale() function.6. Bidding MarketWhat's a Market without a bidding war...7. Ether WithdrawalsWithdraw Ether after purchases8. Initial Distribution of PunksHow the punks were claimed for free and later redistributed.